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Lawn Care Services

Spring Clean-up/Dethatching

Blow the leaves out of the landscaping around the house, pick up sticks, followed by removing all the thatch from the Lawn (Dethatching) plus your lawn will be cut and the debris will be removed from the property.

 Completed mid-late April (varies with weather).


This is completed before the leaves begin to fall (spring options also available). Aerating pulls out small plugs from the lawn to allow water, oxygen, and nutrients into the lawn in order to help roots grow deeper. After aerating, options for seeding your lawn with a broadcast spreader to thicken your grass is also an option.

Weekly Mowing

We will come out once a week

(roughly May-October) to

mow, weed wack, edge, and blow off all grass on non turf areas. If your lawn has not grown much from our last visit we will skip it and come back the following week to ensure that your lawn stays healthy.

Fall Clean-up

This is completed in November-December after leaves have fallen. We blow the leaves out from the landscaping around the house and pick up sticks. Then remove the debris from the property.

Fertilizing/Weed Control

We have a 5 step application program to ensure you have a weed free healthy lawn. Each application is applied roughly 5 weeks apart and can be customized to fit your lawn. Learn more About our Fertilization & Weed Control here.

Shrub/Bush Trimming

Trimming your shrubs and bushes once or twice a year is crucial to keep the size under control. We will trim the shrubs and bushes to an appropriate size and haul the debris from the property.

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